Margaret Naylor

Work in progress by Margaret Naylor

Fabric sample from Bradford College Textile Archive collections which inspired Margaret Naylor's jewellery "My jewellery design is primarily influenced by the connectivity between elements in their raw state and their potential to be made into expressive items of jewellery. Texture and scale are important aspects to much of my work and through the combination of flowing lines and geometry, I attempt to create individual pieces which connect qualities of timeless elegance and fluidity.

I am preoccupied with jewellery as a form of adornment which complements and adds visual variation to modes of dress across a range of styles and decades.  I feel that jewellery becomes symbolic of ourselves as we harmonise our tastes and preferences to the world around us.

I have recently turned my attention towards textiles; in particular, design styles and processes at the turn of the century.

From George Priestley's workbook 1903/04, I have chosen a sample of cut and uncut pile ribbon which combines the flowing lines and opulence reminiscent of William Morris and the Art Nouveau era.  I am particularly inspired by the depth and colour of the ribbon and its tactile qualities which I feel could be reflected within my own practice.

I have chosen to create a silver cutwork cuff bracelet, incorporating the ornamental style of art characteristic of the era. The piece will incorporate a Garnet, a gemstone popular in Art Nouveau jewellery, to represent the rich colour of the archive sample I have chosen."