Bradford College Textile Archive User Policy


We welcome you to enjoy and be inspired by the fabulous collections in the archive; however, we do require you to follow certain rules to ensure that the collections are preserved for as long as possible, to inspire and inform many generations to come.  We hope these rules make your visit as enjoyable as possible too! 

  •  Coats and bags should be hung on the coat rack at the entrance of the Reading Room, and are not allowed to be taken to the tables. Plastic bags are not allowed.
  •  Please do not bring valuables as we cannot be held responsible for them.
  •  Sketchbooks, acid-free paper and pencils without rubber tops are the only materials allowed at the tables – please do not bring rubbers, pens, crayons, pastels, paints, glue, knives or scissors etc.
  • Food and drink are strictly not allowed in the Archive.
  • Please do not use hand cream prior to your visit.
  • Gloves will be available for your benefit, and compulsory to view delicate items.
  • Please do not remove the books etc. from the support or calico sheet they are placed on, and take care to handle the pages as gently and as little as possible. Please do not lick your fingers to turn the pages. Snakes are available to hold down pages, please do not use your hand or elbow. Loose items must be kept in order and placed squarely at the side of the box on the calico sheet.
  • Please take care not to let your pencil or sketchbooks touch the item you are viewing; corners can cause immediate damage.
  • Please report any existing damage or missing pages of the item you are viewing to the Curator immediately.
  • Cameras are not allowed in the Reading Room. If you would like a digital image, please ask the Curator who will advise you of charges, and whether it’s possible; we have to observe copyright laws.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed at the reading tables and must be switched to silent.
  • The collections are to be viewed at the Reading Room tables only; and any visitor to the Archive Stores must accompany the Curator strictly by prior appointment. Archival boxes must not be opened in the Stores under any circumstances. 
  • The Curator is unable to collect further items from the Store during opening hours; please make sure you give as much information prior to your visit to help the selection for you to view. Please do not hesitate to ring for an informal chat; we’re very keen to help you!