Mick Manning

Fabric sample from Bradford College Textile Archive and Mick Manning's work inspired by it

"My prints are iFabric sample from Bradford College Textile Archive which inspired Mick Manning's work for Pick and Mixnspired by two fabric samples. It was a true pick and mix as Brita and I opted to be sent a selection of fabric samples from the archive. My immediate empathy went to the hen and chicks pattern from the USA 1950 Book 1, Information from Overseas Markets Exhibition, June 1950, Printed  Cotton Dress Fabrics from the Americas collection.

I wanted to try and recreate it myself to find out how the designer had made it originally – and I have used pochoir and block print.

Brita and I were also drawn to the bold playful post-war designs in a lovely old book of samples called France 1948 Book 9,  Information from Overseas Markets Printed Silks and Rayon Dress Fabrics. One stood out for me; a repeat single colour pattern of flatfish.

Flatfish have always fascinated me, the way that one eye migrates around the head until both eyes are looking up. We live by the sea and our fishmonger kindly supplied us with a locally caught plaice.

Work by Mick Manning inspired by Bradford College Textile Archive collections Nature’s own design for this fish is pretty stunning with it’s beautiful markings and red spots, so I have served it up, ‘warts and all’ fresh from the sea and ready to cook. It is a block print using recycled materials for the various textures and patterns."