Dudley Edwards

Work by Dudley Edwards inspired by Bradford College Textile Archive

"Tartan Pool is a textile design a kind of collage using contrasting tartans from the archive. The pools representing water are of necessity, predominantly blue and white. I have made use of the vertical lines being in alignment with other pools above and below. This is the time old shorthand technique to portray reflections, used by many comic strip illustrators.

I also required the exact opposite to convey dry land. So I chose a tartan with complimentary earthy colours and placed the stripes upon a dynamic diagonal.

The curvilinear perimeter of the pools also adds a playful contrast to the rectilinear grids of tartan.

Tartan Plate is a design which could be applied to a set of ceramic plates, taking the influence of the textiles and using more intense colour ways.  The intention would be to derive the colours and patterns represented by existing Scottish clans.  This could be imbued with another dimension bearing in mind the historical relationships that clans had with each other."