Manya Dorian Doñaque

Work by Manya Dorian Doñaque inspired by Bradford College Textile Archive collections

"I am a multimedia artist, a lecturer and a PhD student interested in the notion of time and how it has being conceptualized and represented in Contemporary Visual Art. 

This has made me question how old and new digital media imaging technologies can be usefully employed in the representation of and resolution of the complexities inherent in the aesthetics of time and ephemeral art, and how Galleries, Museums and Archives deal with artworks that employ decaying materials  and time base media technologies.

My interpretation and take on the ‘Pick & Mix' theme started with a direct response to a particular collection in the Textile Archive: AR1, CAB 0 BOX1 / Turkey Red Textiles BRFCM 2005.1.1UPTO. I was particularly interested in the material and formal qualities of this collection as well as the immaterial and more conceptual qualities of projected films.

I have explore the concept and symbolism of renewal in alchemy, with the depiction of exotic birds, linking it with the chemical tradition of textile coloration history of Bradford and the virtual presence of films (super 8/digital film) inspired by Bradford Technical College artefacts, occupying space and being experiential. The resulting piece will take the shape of an audiovisual installation and performance."